NMAT 2014 First Day Analysis (5th Oct 2013)

NMAT : First Day Analysis (based on experience)

The NMAT 2014 started off today, the first slot went on smoothly for most of the students. As usual the center provided the students with markers and booklets with 10 pages to do the rough work. Multiple markers and booklets could be borrowed on demand. The paper was same as usual, the paper had 120 question with sectional timings as follows. There were 5 options to choose from in every question.

QA + DI  : 48 questions in 60 mins
VA + RC : 32 questions in 22 mins
LR + AR : 40 questions in 38 mins

As usual there was an option to choose the order of the section by the students.

Verbal section had 6-8 vocabulary questions, which were mostly from the CL flash cards, there were 3 RC’s which were very easy and direct with 9 questions in total, the grammar section had 2-3 questions from sentence correction and about 5 questions from prepositions. There were also 2-3 questions from para-jumbles and 4 questions from the Cloze test.

LR section had Critical Reasoning questions which were based on strong and weak arguments. There was one “STEP” question and 3 AR arrangement sets with 3 questions each which were easy. The rest of the questions were from series, coding-decoding, alphanumeric puzzles etc. Overall the section was easy and do-able. There were also questions from logical deductions, family tree, directions and assumption and reasoning. Most papers had 2 questions from word analogy.

Quantitative Aptitude had questions from Arithmetic, Number System, Profit & Loss ,Time Speed & Distance, there were 3 sets of Data Interpretation questions which were time consuming, the DI questions were from Pie-Charts, Bar Graphs, Tables & Line Graphs with calculations on percentages, averages and ratios. There were questions from geometry and co-ordinate geometry which were theorem based and 2-3 data sufficiency questions which were easy.

The overall impression on the first day is that the English section was easy, LR was moderate and QA was moderate. It was a paper which required speed and hence a correct attempt of 75+ should be a good attempt in the paper. We will wait for more slots to get over to get a better impression of the test this year.

- Ajay Zener