CAT 2017 will be conducted by IIM Lucknow

Test Series

We offer a bouquet of test-series, both online and paper based as per the current pattern of the Examinations. These test series are made by experts who not only regularly interact with both students and institutions but also write these examinations regularly. The following are the test-series and combos available.

Online CAT Test Series

The online CAT test series helps students benchmark their preparation with more than 50,000 serious CAT aspirants across India. There will be total 27 tests in CAT test series 2015. The structure of the same will be as follows:

 – 7 Tests called as “Master Series”
– 15 Proctored Mock CATs
– 5 Unproctored Mock CAT

Master Series:
In the realm of test preparation, the question that is most bewildering is –“how should I attempt the paper?” There are no easy answers to this question. This question can be answered only if a student witnesses an expert taking the test. In CL’s one of its kind Master Series, you can now watch a master taking the test live. Each test in this series will be taken live by 3 experts. Watch what they do; follow their footsteps; climb the ladder of success.

Proctored Mock CATs:
These tests are simulation of the actual CAT and have been designed to take the surprise element out of the actual exam. Each of the 15 Proctored computer based mocks would be conducted over a period of 7-10 days, in a computer lab at a pre-designated location. These mocks will be followed by detailed performance analysis, an All-India percentile ranking and video analysis. If a student fails to take the test in the proctored format, that particular Mock would be made available to the student in Unproctored format for 3 days after the proctored window will get closed. Proctored mock 1 to 10 will be visible again after 1st Sep.

Unproctored Mock CATs:
Unproctored mock tests will be available on our Student Information System (SIS) from the below mentioned dates. These tests can be taken from anywhere – home, cyber cafe, or CL’s own computer labs – available at each one of our nationwide centers. (all these mocks will be completely new mocks)

Test Gym (Sectional Tests)

The sectional tests gives enough questions in each topic to practice under time pressure. These tests range in difficulty level with adaptive modes available. The student can even customize his test based on the level and topic.

  • 333 sectional tests which includes about 75 tests on reading comprehension, 70 single section tests and the remaining from the EU,LR,DI & QA sections.
  • Unlimited adaptive tests
  • Gyandhara, the weekly GK (Current Affairs) test.
  • Solutions for all the test

Non-CAT Test Series

The Non-CAT Test Series help students to gain familiarity with exams like NMAT, MAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT & XAT. These exams are online and paper based depending on how the test is conducted in real. There are a total 35 tests which includes 7 All India Mocks & 15 Full Length Test to take home.

Online Mocks/Paper Based Tests

  • CMAT    : 5 Take Home Tests & All India Mock
  • NMAT   : 5 Take Home Tests & All India Mock
  • MAT      : 4 Take Home Tests & All India Mock
  • IIFT      : 5 Take Home Tests & All India Mock
  • SNAP    : 5 Take Home Tests & All India Mock
  • XAT      : 5 Take Home Tests & All India Mock
  • MICAT : 1 Take Home Test
  • TISS      : 2 Take Home Test
  • MHCET : 1 Take Home Test

Combos Available

The following combos are also available.

  1. CAT Test Series + Test Gym + Non-CAT Test Series
  2. CAT Test Series + Non-CAT Test Series
  3. CAT Test Series + Test Gym